Anton Kraynow

He began his career as a music director of educational institutions in his hometown of Melitopol. He got his first serious experience while working for the STAR MEDIA film company. After meeting Vadym Lysytsa, he left his job in the company in order to engage exclusively in his favorite business - making music.

Anton plays piano and guitar, and speaks of himself as a big fan of electronic music and the musical atmosphere of the 80-90s.

It was Anton who created music for the song "Имя 505", the hit that blew up Ukrainian and Russian music charts.

He adores harmony and believes that music education develops taste and style in the material that a person creates.
Production by Anton Kraynow
Awards that Anton received in Ukraine for production songs
FOXXSTUDIOS Recording Studio, with Anton Kraynow, won the Sound Producer of the Year nomination at the M1 Music Awards Ukraine 2017, 2018, 2019
Anton Kraynow made production for the songs of the Vremya i Steklo band, which became a phenomenon in the Ukrainian music industry and became the record holder for numerous victories in nominations for awards such as «Золотой граммофон», «Best song of the year», «M1 Music Awards» ,«Высшая лига», «Премия RU.TV» , «Top Hit Music Awards, «M1 Music Awards».

M1 Music Awards (Ukraine) victory in the Hit of the Year nomination for a song «Имя 505».

Prize "Higher League" (Russia) and "Prize RU.TV" (Russia) for the song «НаверноПотомуЧто»
Music Award YUNA Best pop hit for the song "Обіцяю"
M1 Music Awards 2018 "Golden Gramophone" (together with "Russian Radio Ukraine") for the song "Musica"
Anton did production for a lot of the band's songs. All of them were a big success and received many awards "M1 Music Awards", "Song of the Year", "Golden Gramophone", "Muz-TV Prize", "Sharmanka", "RU.TV"
Joice advertising from Vodafone with "Время и Стекло"/"Time and Glass"
Coca Cola advertising with with "Время и Стекло"/"Time and Glass"
Colossal advertising from Maybelline New York with Nadia Dorofeeva
OLX advertising
"Buy! Sell! " with Potap
Intro for Nastya Kamenskikh's video blog "NKblog"
Advertising "OLX ін зе мікс!" c Потапом
Musical accompaniment of the concert for the band "Время и Стекло"/"Time and Glass": VISLOVO
Anthem of the football club "Dynamo" Kiev

Advertising MegaFon - Bystrolet 4G + with the band "Время и Стекло"/"Time and Glass"
Musical intro to the performances of the participants of the show"Лига смеха" / "League of Laughter"
Advertising for Mozgi Bar & shop
Soundtrack for the cartoon «Гурвинек. Волшебная игра» performed by the band "Время и Стекло"
Sound design for films produced by Star Media
Sound engineer of videos with the participants
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