Roman Katruk
Roman considers his first love to be the guitar; he began his way in the music industry as a guitarist in various musical groups. He admits that he never considered himself a virtuoso musician and always dreamed of creating music on a computer, which he is now successfully doing. Today Roman is one of the most demanded arrangers in Ukraine.

I am sure that the creation of pop music is a whole cumulative process, that reflects a sense of time, a sense of the era and a sense of what is happening in a given second.

Production, music for radio and cinema, musical accompaniment for concerts, working with songwriters and musicians this is what brings him pleasure and is his work, but of all the creative processes, he considers the most interesting task to come up with an artist from scratch.

Clients and works of Roman
Roman's recording studio
«The X Factor Ukraine»
(9 season)
Roman Katruk - created production for artists' performances.
Awards that Roman received in Ukraine for production songs
FOXXSTUDIOS Recording Studio, with Roman Katruk, won the Sound Producer of the Year nomination at the M1 Music Awards Ukraine 2017, 2018, 2019
M1 Music Awards (Ukraine) victory in the nominations "Group of the Year", "Hit of the Year" for the song "Дим" is a sond by "Время и Стекло"
Production of songs for the singer NK (Nastya Kamenskikh), which brought her many victories at the YUNA awards, M1 Music Awards 2019
Film soundtrack production
Question & answer
Roman's answers to the most popular questions
… about production
I make music. We make music. Production, music for radio and cinema, musical accompaniment for concerts. We work with songwriters and musicians to create, compose or finalize songs. A person who wants to be an artist (even if they have absolutely nothing but the ability to sing beautifully) can come to us and we will find solutions for all the tasks they set for us. Sometimes it's not production at all - it's completely about producing, but it's even more interesting to invent an artist from scratch. Of course, we focus on working with their music, because their own music dictates certain things. For example, we hear a song and can imagine the character of the person who performs it. This is if you go deeper into the processes.

In simpler terms, we can create a beautiful song and record it beautifully, make a beautiful production, record various instruments with musicians whom we involve to work on the material. As a result, the artist will get a good, completed song.
.. about my way into the music industry
I haven't got a professional musical education, despite the fact that I have been studying music since childhood. As for the instruments, my very first love was the guitar. But I am not a virtuoso guitarist, my strong skill lies in coming up with and creating a song, not playing it well on the guitar.

It so happened that I entered a university that was far from the musical direction. For some time after my studies, I worked in business, but in the end, music attracted me anyway, and now I only do music and exclusively music.

In fact, I wanted to do exactly the creation of production. In all the bands I played in, it always turned out that I just sat at the computer and did the production. I tried to work with different artists, made music, produced songs, and among the people to whom I showed my music was Vadim Lisitsa. During this period, we began to develop interaction and thus we began to work together.
…... about trends in the music industry
I look at music more broadly than just a collection of musical trends.

Pop culture is such a collection of all kinds of meanings. Doing pop music, we are doing a collective thing that reflects a sense of time, a sense of the era, a sense of what is happening at this very second.

Various meanings are transformed into certain sounds, certain colors, certain stylistics. I always think of a song as a composition, story, or other art form. The song is arranged in the same way - it has an introduction, there are chapters, there are places where the plot begins to twist, there are places where a person can rest, there are many lines. And if for a theater or cinema, for example, a reflection of time and epoch is reflected in clothes, interiors, etc., then in music such clothes for me are sounds. Therefore, I cannot say that I love some elements more and some less. I create both live music and electronic one, plus we always try to follow the news and, by virtue of our professions, be at the forefront of everything that happens in the world. It helps a lot, so I read the references when an artist is sitting in front of me and I already understand by and large what he can perform.
... about inspiration
First, you need to rest. And secondly, you need to look at other people. Concerts, performances, interviews - personally I am very inspired by such things.

Just do it. Just sit down and start doing something.

It often happens that people are confused and unable to pull themselves together, sit down and start working. The main thing in this process is to start doing exactly what is needed, not to get distracted. Because when you do whatever, just not to do what you need to do, you only get tired of it more.
... about your favorite part of the workflow
The most favorite part for me is when a lot of sounds suddenly add up into something whole and you manage to catch this whole thing. A second ago there was nothing, and then suddenly a general picture appears and everything in general starts to sound cool - that's the thrill. When you already felt, saw, got caught by it, and a puzzle is immediately shaped in your head. And then it just remains to be modified and brought to the end. Most of all I like to do the first verse and chorus, this particular moment I enjoy the most, even if this song is still only in my head. It already exists. It is already playing, so it will be exist.
... about the most important things in work
In my case, this is the ability to keep your word. If I promise something, I do it. I have enough inner strength to force myself to do something. It never happens to me that there is no desire or inspiration - I just learned with age to methodically do the same thing every day. In terms of professional skills ...

In fact, as elsewhere, intelligence plays a predominant role.

Songs, films and videos - they are all created thanks to the intellectual processes that take place in our heads. Intelligence comes first any way. Ability to be a great musician? Maybe yes. But at the same time, there are a bunch of cool musicians who cannot put all the elements into a single picture. Good technical expertise? That's cool too, but that's not all. It is important to be interested, to develop, to be inquisitive. And of course, you need to love music very much - it should be the work of your whole life.

... about experience and improvisation
Experience is paramount.

He is called a professional because he already has a solution for a specific problem or task. The more such patterns and solutions you have in your head, the more professional you become.
… about projects - challenges
I think TV projects can be classified as challenges. I usually take on all the complex technical aspects, supervise the production team - this can be considered a challenge in terms of endurance - whether I can or cannot work in this mode. When I understand that I can, it becomes a stage done. Does it take me to the next level? I believe that yes, because before that, for example, I doubted whether it was necessary to cut out some part of the material or not, there were a lot of doubts. Now I cut a lot of pieces without hesitation. This experience helped me start making decisions faster and more accurately. But globally - every artist and every material - if you are interested in them - becomes your challenge. I never consider work only from the technical side - each song is a separate story, I live it and when I do it, I try to listen to similar music. From the outside it looks like this - I walk, sleep, eat, and in my head the same song is playing all the time, until the moment I do it.
…о мастер-классах
It would be interesting for me not only to teach, but also to communicate with people, to find out about someone's opinions and share my own. In this profession, you can only teach technically - you can tell where the sound is and where the button is, but these are so commonplace things that a person nowadays can learn themselves by watching a video on Youtube. But to communicate, meet and share experience - I'm ready with pleasure. I don't mind sharing what I know, but I should get feedback too. Talking about technical aspects is not as interesting as sharing thoughts on more global things.
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